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Take your vehicle to the next level with our trusted vehicle wrapping films. At Mint we stock the latest in vehicle wrapping films with a wide variety of colours and finishes. Whether you want a new love for your car or need something different in your life we can deliver with high detailed wraps. All our custom wraps are done to perfection with every step meticulously followed to ensure a "painted" finish. With so many choices of manufactures and colours we can assure you that the "Wow" factor will be there when you collect your finished product. 

All our custom wraps are done with the aid of professionally removing all bumpers, lights, rubbers and door handles. The final result is a full wrap with no joins to really deliver the "painted" wrap finish!

Let's get your car where you want it to be.




Chrome Delete

We are able to delete your chrome and black out your trim. 



Roof Rails

Wing Mirrors 

and more...

Gloss, Matte and Satin finished available.


Window Tint

We also offer window tinting in house. Our brand of window tint Llumar does come with fantastic warranties. 

Protect your interior with Llumars top quality Nano ceramic tints which eliminates 99% of UV rays. 

Custom Vinyl


It's not always about the full wraps, sometimes all your car needs is a simple stripe kit or a custom sticker. We produce all stickers printed or vinyl cut all in house, on our top of the range machines. 

custom stripes

Wheel Painting 

Whilst wrapping or detailing your vehicle we also offer wheel painting as a service. High quality paints used and to top it all off your paintwork will come with a warranty.


Mixed Gallery