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Vehicle Branding | Fleet Solutions

With the help of the latest Latex Printing technology we can offer prints that last longer and have more colour than ever before! 

Digital Wrap Products?

At Mint Wrapworks we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver premium quality full wraps on any type of vehicle. With the assistance of our premium films we can deliver a finished product that will stand out and out shine other full vehicle wraps. All of our digitally printed films have been tried and tested to ensure that we are happy with them before offering them to our clients. 

Is a full wrap worth it?

Full wraps are fast becoming the industry standard for getting your brand noticed on the road. We can accommodate your needs as we can offer a full wrap or a partial wrap option. Our in house design team will be able to assist you with all of your design needs and make sure your design suits your CI. 



In South Africa we are zoned in a zone 3, which is the harshest off all zones for printed films. 3 years should be your typical lifespan if maintained well. We do supply an after care sheet with every full wrap to ensure that you can get the most out of your wrap.

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